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''What a fantastic massage. Keir is very intuitive, knowing exactly what areas to work and what pressure to use. It's great to have an oil massage that is both relaxing and hugely beneficial. I would highly recommend Keir"


''I have to say we both really noticed a huge improvement. We both feel fantastic. A perfect blend of deep muscle work and stress relief.''


" I was recommended Keir when I was having a period of back spasms and was incredibly nervous to have a massage to alleviate them but I'm so glad I did. Not only did Keir make me feel safe but took care and patience to relax me and help me get to the root of my back problems. At the start of the session I could barely get on the table and by the end I was moving with far more confidence and comfort. I'm convinced he has a healer's touch and I look forward to my next session with him."


''A massage with Keir always leaves my body feeling like new! His calm nature and extensive knowledge assures me I'm in great hands..."


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